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A young man who's lost his faith discovers the house in which he's sitting the vigil hides a dark and terrifying secret. 

The demonic possession genre has long been associated with bibles and priests, but Keith Thomas’s debut feature, The Vigil, takes the genre and roots it in Jewish mythology making for a novel and terrifying horror film. Breakout performer Dave Davis stars as Jakov, a young man abandoning his Orthodox community to embrace the secular life, who finds himself working as a shomer, watching over the body of a recently deceased member of the community who is haunted by an evil presence.

  “What works… is how Thomas transforms Orthodox culture into gory material for a slightly elevated horror flick, with Yakov ultimately turning to Hebrew prayer as his only way out of hell.” - The Hollywood Reporter

"'The Conjuring' with an Orthodox Jewish twist that could birth a franchise" - Indiewire