Litigante 93 mins

3601 Litigante

Starts Thu 30 Jul at:
Luna Leederville

Director Franco Lolli's crafts an honest, empathetic portrait of modern motherhood with this lived-in study of a single mother in personal and professional turmoil.

Between raising her young son, taking care of her ill-tempered, cancer-battling mother, navigating her career as a top-notch lawyer dealing with a major corruption scandal, Silvia (Carolina Sanín) could very well be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

And what if the answer to all this was simply... love?

[Spanish with English subtitles]

"...the movie often nails the fractiousness, fear and pain of caring for a dying loved one, driven home by immaculate performances from Sanin, Gomez and Sarria as two generations of women with more in common than they might like to admit." - The Hollywood Reporter

"It's a film of small, precisely rendered moments rather than major emotional flourishes." - Variety

★★★★ Filmuforia

★★★★ Screen Space

★★★★ " woman's struggle to stay afloat with authenticity and grace" - NZ Herald

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