Days of the Bagnold Summer 86 mins

  • Days of the Bagnold Summer
  • Days of the Bagnold Summer

Starts Thu 3 Dec at:
Luna Leederville

The Inbetweeners star Simon Bird's directorial debut is a funny, charming and wince-inducingly accurate adaptation of Joff Winterhart's graphic novel, with a soundtrack by Belle & Sebastian.

Days of the Bagnold Summer sweetly draws you into the wobbly relationship between well-intentioned single librarian Sue Bagnold and her black-clad teenage son Daniel, who'd rather listen to Metallica than his mother.

The film boasts supporting turns by Rob Brydon and Alice Lowe but belongs to its two leads. Long-suffering Sue is sympathetically portrayed by Monica Dolan, with Earl Cave's Daniel a suitably lank-haired, pale-skinned picture of adolescent metal-head angst.

Directed bY: Simon Bird. Starring: Earl Cave, Monica Dolan, Tamsin Greig, Rob Brydon

★★★★ " Interlocking vignettes swing from laugh-out-loud comedy to piercing melancholia, but at the centre of it all there is a genuine sense of rebirth and renewal – no mean feat for a small movie with a big heart and a surprisingly wide-ranging vision" - The Guardian

“It's a strong directorial debut from Bird...there is a touch of John Hughes about the way he cares so much for the have-nots, capturing moments of desire and hope which are constantly fighting with feelings of inadequacy." - Cineuropa